Stircrazy on the edge of insanity (daiku) wrote in jax_gaming_post,
Stircrazy on the edge of insanity

XBox Madness

Over the weekend, with nothing else going on, several friends congregated at one place that still had power. We all wound up playing head to head multiplayer Halo, and it was a blast. So it got me thinking.... anyone out there who'd like to get together for a big Halo fragfest? I've got 3 TVs and plenty of room, and already have a second xbox with Halo so there's already the potential for 8 players. A 3rd Xbox and copy of Halo, we're up to 12 people all playing at once in a massive multiplayer game. So if this sounds like fun to you, let me know... we'd be playing in Riverside, probably either Sunday or Saturday afternoon.

I would love to have this become a regular game.
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