ordo_templaris (ordo_templaris) wrote in jax_gaming_post,

Community Rules

This is a place I have set up for everyone who enjoys gaming in Jacksonville to join and make friendships and connections, learn tips and share news. Members will be free to post about anything related to role playing, computer and console games, collectible card games, LARPs, tournaments and conventions. In short, anything that could reasonably be of interest. Pure spam will, of course, be deleted. Please keep political and religious posts out unless it relates to gaming in some way.

Viewpoints and opinions are welcome, but posts or replies that flame other members will be deleted. Disagreements are fine, but personal attacks are not. Well reasoned arguments only, please. Please try to make posts that have more substance than "Xbox rulz" or "Halo sucks the big one."

This community is open to all ages, therefore please keep inappropriate sexual content out.
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